Binita starts smiling

Binita Rana is from Dubiya VDC-7, Kapilvastu, 75 KM away (west) of PNL. Her father died when she was 8 years old and her mother married with another person and living apart from Binita and her brother. When her grandparents did not care for her, she started living with her maternal uncle and aunty in a joint family of 9 members. They have mud house with two rooms built in a non-registered land near by the jungle. They have some goats. Binita’s uncle and aunt work as daily wage laborers in the village and uncle also goes to India for better earning for few months every year. Binita stopped going to school 3 years ago when she was studying in grade two. She used to look after the goats and collect firewood from nearby jungle.

Binita is now 12 years old suffering from bilateral congenital Talipus Equino Virus causing rigid deformity by birth. In December 2013 the UMN during their community development work they met Binita and referred to PNL for treatment. PNL started her treatment by visiting her at home. We found that she is very keen to continue her studies but her uncle and aunt were not interested in her education and even for treatment. When we suggested them to take Binita to the hospital for surgery, they did not accept our suggestion as they were worried about losing their daily earning for a long time. Later after our continuous counseling, her aunty agreed to go to the hospital as her care-taker. Binita was then taken to hospital for surgery and she was admitted in the hospital for five month while her aunt left her alone after one month. The hospital management however, managed to find a volunteer caretaker for Binita but later on, UMN provided a paid volunteer to look after Binita.