Vision, Mission & Values

Vision statement:

Bring fundamental transformation in the lives of marginalized and people with disability.

Mission statement:

PNL is committed for overall well being of marginalized people through empowering and enhancing quality of life of people affected by physical disability and leprosy through care and support.


  • Working with and for marginalized people in the community by uniting them in groups creating common interest of holistic development;
  • Provide appropriate care and support to people with physical disability and leprosy aiming at improving quality of life with dignity;


We in PNL, being motivated by God, believe these values to be fundamental to our work:

  • Love: We love and care for self and others with respect
  • Integrity and honesty: We are committed to be truthful and honest in the work and services we are responsible for;
  • Innovation and creativity: We always seek new and improved ways to do our work respecting appropriate existing knowledge and practices to eliminate stigma and discrimination;
  • Environmental concern: We look for ways to minimize negative effect on the environment due to our work, instead we put efforts to preserve climate change at local level;
  • Partnership: We work in partnership with others for mutual interest and attaining the goal of our organisation;
  • Equality: We treat people equally as we believe that all have equal worth regardless of gender, caste, faith and social beliefs;
  • Hope: We try to bring hope to hopeless people through the examples of our work.