Before TreatmentBefore Treatment
Parbati Thapa, age 19 years, is from Butwal municipality, Ward No. 13, Rupandehi district, Nepal.  Parbati was affected by leprosy when she was 15 years old.  Her father Thaman Singh Thapa was leprosy-affected and as well as her brother.  Her brother took medicines for 1 year after which he was completely cured.  In the year BS 2065 Parbati had anesthetic and dry patches all over her body which gradually started becoming red and shiny.

Story by Parbati Thapa of experiences in her life from the period of her treatment till now:-
After Treatment

I was studying in class 8. My friends used to ask me about the patches seen in my face. I showed those patches to my parents. My father brought me to PNL for treatment from where I got advice to take medicines for 1 year. I started taking medicines regularly from Lumbini Zonal Hospital as advised by PNL.
I completed taking medicines for complete 12 months. The colour of my skin changed into dark similar to the colour of medicines that I took. My friends in the school used to ask me about my skin turning dark. I did not dare to tell my friends about its cause because I thought they would discriminate or hate me. I used to skip their questions or tell them that it is nothing. Few days later after completion of a 1-year medicine the same patches on my skin started swelling and hurting.

They started hurting me more and I was even down with fever. I again visited PNL where I was informed that I had Reaction. I was asked to take medicines on Reaction. I took those medicines regularly and was feeling improved for some time but again that would become worse. I took those medicines additional three to four times but did not help me at all. My body started swelling and friends used to tease me because of which I did not have good time with my friends also.

Later I was referred by PNL to Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara where I was admitted for about a month. I continued regular medicine from PNL. Today I am completely cured. Now I am 19 years old and continuing my studies in Plus 2. My health is improved and there are neither patches on my skin nor dark colour. I am so happy and thankful to PNL for the kind services and advices it provided to me. I used to hesitate earlier when I was not aware about leprosy but today I am confident enough to talk about leprosy. I read, hear and see from media as well and I know that leprosy can be fully cured if this disease is treated well in time. I talk about leprosy to my friends and other in college and elsewhere also. I suggest people to see the doctor or any health institutions to seek their advices whenever if I see them with such skin diseases.