A literate village

Gonaha Village Development Committee (VDC) holds a total of 8,250 people in which Madhesi is the main ethnic group. In an assessment Partnership for New Life (PNL) found 3,292 people illiterate in

Pictorial Overview of SHG Activities

Leaders of SHG Participating in Leadership Training and Cleaning Water Source (deep well) by SHG member Practical Work During Vegetable Farming Training

Stationery distribution program

PNL organized stationery distribution program for disabilities children from marginalized community. 28 children from marginalized community received stationery. Most of children are studying at government school and some of at private school because

Member of Self Help Group

Member of Self Help Group with their community celebrated after installment irrigation program Participants of tailoring training and basic electronic training at Motipur with teacher.

Orientation on cooperative concept

Orientation on cooperative concept supported by district cooperative division at Motipur and Gonaha

leadership training at Motipur

Chairman of network committee welcome to all participants in leadership training at Motipur

Certificate distribution program

Certificate distribution program of tailoring training at Gonaha VDC handover by VDC secretary and local political leader.

School awareness program

School awareness program about disabilities prevention at Motipur higher secondary school , in Motipur

Income generating activities

Seed money handover to Self Help Group at Gonaha for Income generating Activities

Children with disabilities playing

Children with disabilities playing with balloon in get together program .