Monthly Archives: March 2017

Leprosy and disabilities classes

Leprosy and disabilities classes organized for Student of Devdaha College of Science & Technology Pvt..Ltd. PNL has developed as a learning center in in Butwal about disabilities and leprosy field

Disabilities Children Christmas Celebration

Christmas get together program organized in PNL for children with disabilities and poorest children from SHG. The children were enjoying in the program.All children received woolen clothes as a Christmas gift. Children

Drinking water project supports to Gonaha

Drinking water project supports to Gonaha. There were not facilities of pure drinking water before. So PNL supported to them according to community agreement .SHG has lead the small project and success

Free camp for amputee support from ICRC Nepal

PNL has been organizing follow up free camp for amputee supporting from ICRC Nepal for 8 years. PNL had organized 3 day free follow up camp for amputee on December 2016.104 amputees

Female Goat donation program

Female  Goat donation program organized by PNL to poorest 10 members of SHG at Gonaha. It will support to them how they income from goat keeping in their community. There is no

Multipurpose agriculture Coopretive

PNL organized 3 day exposure visit to Shindhu Multipurpose agriculture Coopretive at Shindhupalchowk for management committee of Cooperative. Most of members of Agriculture Cooperative from Motipur and Gonaha participated and benefited from

Women agriculture cooperative

Sampurna Women agriculture cooperative organized their Annual General Meeting at Motipur , Butwal 19. This Cooperative established by only women. All members of this Cooperative from 8 Self Help Group from Motipur.

PNL organized Tailor Made training

on 28 Nov.2016 to 7 Dec. 2016 for PNL family held in Hotel New Era. 10 staff members of PNL participated in the training on Menstrual Hygiene Management among disabled women in